She is a pessimist

She is borderline dramatic and emotional

She is sensitive at the same time insensitive

She is not good with words

She easily get jealous

She loves hard

She tend to be so clingy

She shows tantrums most of the time

She is moody

She is paranoid

She is immature

She is afraid to lose someone she loved

She is selfish

She has trust issues

She questions her worth

She is possessive

She is overly protective

She has a lot of insecurities

She is not strong to handle everything

She has a lot of mood swings and crazy mental breakdown every now and then

She is faking a smile but deep down she is f***ing hurting

She tends to overreact on things

She feel sorry for being too much

She is difficult to love

She is one of the hardest girl you will ever deal with

– Will you accept the real her? –


Little Things

You don’t have to buy me expensive things or be perfect for you to me happy. I don’t need to be showered with luxury. I just want the little things. Little things that matter to me like rubbing my back, brushing my hair, or just you randomly kissing my cheek and lips.

I love to receive random I love you messages from you right out of the blue and saying you already miss me even after we just got out together. Things like brushing my hair off my face or holding my hands Or posting a picture of us on Facebook or making sure I got home safe. It really doesn’t take a lot to make me happy because all I want is you and you alone.

That’s all I care about. I want the little things because they infinitely become more valuable when I share it with you.

You’re the one I wouldn’t mind losing sleep for. You’re the one I will never get tired talking to. You’re the one who constantly crosses my mind throughout the day. You’re the only one who can make me smile with just your presence. You’re the only one who can influence my mood in many ways you can imagine.

You’re the only one who can make me happy, sad, angry, and emotional. Everything you do affects me. You’re the only one I would love to spend an entire day with.

There’s just something about you that I can’t fully explain into words but I hope you know that you’re the only one. It’s you. It’s always been you. Because at the end of the day, you’re the only one I want to keep for the rest of my life.

I love you hon.

An open letter

Dear You,

I hate you when your mad at me. For not giving your full attention to me when your friends are around. For using your phone whenever I’m with you.  For hiding the broken parts that I need to know. For enduring not to talk to me for a day or two. 

Thank you for letting me know that you love me. For being always there for me. For understanding my mood swings. For saying I love you even though I’m mad. For making me feel happy when I’m with you. For being all of my first.

Let’s keep it simple. Respect my time. Match my effort. Keep your word. Always be honest. Stay consistent.     

But in the end of the day, no matter what I do, no matter how hard it is, how confused my mind is, I still love you.




Never thought any of this. Never imagined all of this. We’re stranger. Completely strangers.

Suddenly everything changed.

No one told me I was going to find you. Unexpectedly, what you did to my heart. Like magic, my heart trembles. I’ve never felt this way before. All of the sudden I miss you. It’s not that I planned to. Why did you come now?

I feel your heart. From 1-10, I’m curious about everything. Without knowing my heart only points to you. You caught me so off guard. I fell in love so unexpectedly.

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Sunday Currently | 05

Hey it’s been a while. A lot of things happened. Summer is already over! I enjoyed my 2017 summer. Everyweek I had an out of town trip, 4 beach outing with my family and friends, watched concert and some road trips. (So productive right? haha take note I sacrificed my sleep just to go and have fun).

Last week, me and my friends had a staycation. “Walwalan night” we called it, not only because we have this drinking session until dawn but also it’s our time to have fun and loosen up the stress from our busy life. Time to bond.  I really had a great time even though it’s just an overnight. We laughed like there’s no tomorrow. Fought like a child. Play until we get tired. We’re like family. I’m thankful and blessed to have them. SOLID!


Reading  Office Gchat

Writing my sunday currently #5

Listening Leave by Jojo (under my Moody playlist in spotify)

Thinking about future things

Smelling the rain

Wishing that all of my doubts will vanish

Hoping for a good night

Wearing pajamas

Loving the friends that I have right now ❀️

Wanting some city escape

Needing some sleep.

Feeling mixed emotions. Still I’m blessed.

Need to sleep as its already 3:00 AM. My mom is in Japan for some business meetings, so I need to wake up early to do some household chores.

3AM thoughts: It will not be an easy fight but I’ll try my best to win. Just believe to yourself Lian!

Have a great and best week ahead! Ciao! 😘

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Good Vibes

β€œGo easy on yourself. We’re all human beings, and sometimes, coming to terms with our inevitable imperfection can be difficult, especially in a world where we’re made to think that our worth only comes from physical attractiveness. Just remind yourself to get out of your own head, and to ignore any thought that are trying to tell you you aren’t good enough.”

Sunday Currently | 04

Happy holidays! 11 days to go before Christmas! And we only have 3 weeks before we say good bye to 2015 and welcome 2016! Wooohhh! Have you already buy all your christmas list? Me, not yet . I’m so lazy to go out. Why? Cause there’s a lot of people now on the road and malls rushing to buy gifts and grocery. But I’ll try this week.

I really love December because it’s a holiday season. Which means there’s a lot of party, gifts and food. However on the other side I hate December couz’ it is also the month that your diet will ruined. (sad realization) 😒


Reading fashion blogs. I’m getting some idea for a cute red outfit this coming christmas.

Writing my sunday currently #4

Listening Snowflake by the Jason Chen.

Thinking about my goals this coming 2016.

Smelling the hawaiian pizza that I’m eating right now. Yummy!

Wishing that the hotel that I applied will call me. Pleeeaassseee!!!

Hoping for a great and productive week ahead. Good vibes!

Wearing yellow short and sando (terno).

Loving the feeling of christmas. Ready for the gifts 😁”

Wanting to buy a new shoes, dress and book. Maybe I’ll go to the mall this week. Hope that laziness won’t strike me *crossfinger*

Needing some self pampering!

Feeling full and sleepy. I just finished the pizza. *burp! Excuse me*

Yes, today is Monday however i just want to write a Sunday currently on a Monday, so just think it’s my Monday version of Sunday currently. I know a lot of you will be busy in preparing for this holiday enjoy yourself and have fun!

Have a great and best week ahead! Ciao! πŸ˜˜

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I was browsing my little notebook and found a draft of my thoughts that I wrote before. I can say that nothing was change on my thoughts now and before. It’s the same feeling that I feel and felt, and it said like this:

What is my dreams, goals and priorities in life? Question that I always ask to myself. I don’t know what happened? How it became like this. I just woke up one morning, asking myself with the same question everyday.

I remember when I was a child, my cousin asked me what I want to be when I grow up? What are my dreams? I answered her with a smile in my face and said β€œI have a lot of things I want to do when I grow up. I want to travel around the world, learn different language, be an artist, be independent..” And what was funny is I said that I want to be a president someday (LOL). Too much imagination & dreams that comes to my mind when I was a kid and now I don’t know. . .

Reading this again made me think what I was thinking that day when say all those things to my cousin. Am I insane or that’s what I get in watching too much anime. However on the other side I envy that kid for being honest on what she really wants in life. A lot of things happened and changed in my life that includes my dream. When I was in elementary I want to be an architect. Then when I was in highschool it change, I want to be a nurse. However, I end up taking HRM in my college. See how complicated I was.  Until now I’m still confuse on what I really want to be. I want to be a radio DJ now but still I don’t know.

I wish I can answer also that same question like that kid with honesty, no hesitation or doubt in myself and more importantly with a SMILE.

The Sunday Currently | 03

FB_IMG_1446389064489Happy Halloween guys! It’s All Saints Day today and it’s the first day of the month of November. There some kids who came to our house for trick or treat. Of course our candies are ready for them. And can you believe that 53 days to go before Christmas. Wow time flies so fast! I can feel already the cold air every night, christmas decors and lights are everywhere and also you can hear now the christmas carols on the radio, tv or even in the mall which makes me feel happy.


Reading Camille Co fashion blog. She’s my favorite blogger. I love her sense of fashion. She’s so classy and gorgeous.

Writing my 3rd sunday currently. I miss writing.

Listening Stars by Callalily,  I’m fan since I was high school. I miss being a student.

Thinking what do I really want. I have a lot of “what if…?”

Smelling coffee. I want to have a cup of coffee right now but I might have a hard time to sleep if I do that.

Wishing for peace of mind. I’m tired of thinking things over and over again. I wish I pass that interview.

Hoping for a great and productive month of November. I want to be busy instead of being lazy. ( I’m bored!!! )

Wearing short and sando and I’m ready to sleep.

Loving those inspirational qoutes on my feeds. It make me feel better

Wanting to buy a new shoes and book, however I’m on “tipid mode” I need to fight this urge 😦

Needing someone to talk to. I miss my cousin, she go to perth last week. They are migrating.

Feeling sad, confuse, unsure… mixed emotions.  I hate this feeling!

A lot of things happen to me recently and I don’t know how to deal with this but still I need to be positive.  Everything will be fine maybe not tonight but eventually.

Good night! Have a great month and best weekend ahead! Ciao! πŸ˜˜

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