First Entry

Actually I don’t know what to post, this will be my first writings for this blog. Let me tell you about my self first, I’m Liana Grace Medina (it’s my middle name). I prefer “Lian” or “Liana”.  A BS Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate. To tell you the truth this isn’t my first blog, I had almost 3-4 “unofficial” blog before. Why “unofficial”? maybe because I just made them for a reason of “fangirling” but I haven’t use them or let say they are blank space. Yes! I’m a fan girl  and I’m proud of it!

Set aside the fangirling thing first. I made a blog not because I want to be famous blogger or be a popular on a certain things, I made this for 1 reason which is to express whats on my mind. I’m used in writing a journal. I have my little diary since I was in high school. Tell you frankly when I read it I feel shy (hindi ko alam kung san galing lahat ng mga pinagsinulat ko dun haha).

I don’t how but this going to be my official blog. That’s all for now I guess. I will update you on what are the happenings in my life lately, its kinda boring (ha ha ha) believe me its not that colorful a monochrome type I guess is fine word to describe it, however of course I will put some color to it!

My day was not so good not so bad also just fine. Bye for now. Ciao!

Note: sorry for my site it’s still under construction.



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