Sudden Trip

I was all set for my schedule for this week. Last Monday I go to the my previous work hoping to get my certificate of employment and my last pay cheque. I was there around 12:30 in the afternoon so its lunch time. I don’t have a choice but to wait for the HR to be back from break. So I wait, wait and wait. After almost 3 hours of waiting he came. We just talk for only 3 minutes. Seriously? 3 minutes of talking equals 3 Hours of waiting. Unfortunately I didn’t get what I need, he told me to back on Friday, I was like Friday O.o ?? (I have no choice but to be back on friday) Good thing, I was able to see again my friends there. I miss them so much especially the chikahan. Tuesday, I go to see my doctor for gastro as I already experiencing burp with acid liquid. I really don’t know what is the problem of my stomach now. He suggested to me that I need to undergo endoscopy for him to check what is the real problem inside. Wednesday I was just in the house with my laptop just like today.

My mom told me that on saturday we will go to Tarlac for the debut my cousin (SATURDAY??!! NO! First date ng #AlDub yun di pwede! T.T) We will leave before 2pm on saturday then by sunday morning we will go back. Hassle cause by sunday me and my friends will go for a lunch date. Wala na gulo na plan ko! I can’t miss the first date of aldub makikiisa pa ko sa twitter for 10 million tweets goal.

I was thinking not to go but I want also to leave this busy city. I don’t know. How I wish decision making was that easy. Anyhow I need to sleep it’s already midnight. I told myself that no more puyat nights. hope to have a good day a head *finger cross* Goodnight Ciao! :*



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