The Sunday Currently | 01

My sunday was almost done, 45 minutes before midnight, before monday again. I had a great day. I had lunch with my friends at the seafood Island. I miss them so much! Of course hindi mawawala ang kwentuhan , jokes, asaran when we had this kind of moment even though it’s just for a 2 hours lunch atleast were had a chance to see each other again  on our “busy schedule” we miss this, although were not complete. Too bad I haven’t get a chance to take some pictures but  my freinds has so I’ll just ask for some permission haha. We decided to go Enchanted Kingdom (It’s a theme park in Laguna) on october for our next bonding with all the trops so I’m excited! #friendshipGoals After the lunch,  me and my sister go some shopping. And now I’m so tired. My bed is calling me (yawn).
reading confess by collen hover and I’m at page 3 haha
writing sunday currently
listening a thousand years by Christina Perri on my spotify
thinking what are the clothes that I will bring on my trip. Still can’t decide!
smelling the cold air from my window
wishing for a great and happy week 
hoping for a best and safe trip
wearing a pink short and a peach typical pambahay and I’m ready to bed
loving my music in my playlist
wanting a new shoes and a new job
needing  a sleep
feeling happy and inspired :*
clicking my crush twitter feeds ahaha
Good night and sweet dreams :*

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