Tell me something about yourself that no one else knows

“Confessions” Have you tried this? Me? yes, way back in high school. It was our retreat, we are given a piece of paper to write the things that we want to say to a person, friend or to anyone. I know to myself that I’m not use in this kind of things. As much as possible I tried to keep those things or confession to myself, I’m afraid to see their reactions or what they will say. However, that time I told myself that this will be the last time I will see this people “my friends” after our graduation it’s over. We will have our own new world to face and I will miss this chance If I don’t tell what are my thoughts. So I write all the my thoughts I say sorry for the things that I’ve done wrong and thank you for all that they done to me. And it feels good and light even though I cried like a baby that day.

I just finished reading Confess by Colleen Hoover and I really love the book. I can see myself to the characters attitude. The part where It’s much easy say a thoughts thru writing it on piece of paper than saying it. (sabi nga nila “If you can’t say it then write it or sing it). Now I understand why do people love her books. She can make you feel and believe that fate, destiny, love, hope, faith etc. do really exist. Which is really amazing. Since I was inspired by the book I’ll tell you a one confession so read this to know. 

October is here! I love October not only it’s my birth month, but because most of my friends have their birthday also on this month including my mom and dad. Whenever our birthday was coming, we do a one celebration for the three of us since our birth date is near to each other. After my mom birthday its my birthday then two days after it’s my dad birthday. So to lessen the time, hassle and also the expenses we do it one celebration. It is already October and Christmas is very near. Time really flies so fast! Few months from now houses, buildings and streets will be decorated with beautiful christmas lights and christmas trees will be there also. Don’t be sad if you belong to the group of SMP (Samahan ng Malamig ang Pasko), you’re not alone, I belong too so let’s party! Seriously there’s no reason to be lonely cause there’s a lot of reason to be happy. To tell you frankly matagal na kong belong sa group na yan I’m one of the founder pa nga ata charot lang haha! Of course I’m hoping for the right person to come, sino ba namang hindi? We all want a forever. Don’t be bitter just because of a break-up or a heartbreak. Cheer-up! You do deserve someone better! In the God perfect timing he or she will came to your life, sent from above. Everything will be fine. SMILE =)

So don’t think that no one loves you. You have your family, friends and God who was there if you need someone and they loves you. I can say I’m happy with my life now. Although It’s not perfect to the way I plan it but It’s okay, I realize that having a perfect life is boring.  At the right time makikilala ko din my “Angel of Mine” and when that happen I won’t be afraid to say what I feel. Confess!

Note: looking for the confession i said? Just read and you will find it. Sorry I think my thoughts are confusing.



2 thoughts on “Confess

  1. Lovely blog. šŸ˜‰ Christmas of a single can be as happy and ecstatic as to those who are taken. Personally, I enjoy spending my christmas with my family and would never get tired of it. Never had I become lonely during this season though wala akong lovelife. šŸ˜ƒ


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