The Sunday Currently | 02


Gloomy sunday. It’s raining outside the whole day and I love this kind of weather. Cuddling weather’s is pretty great! It’s a perfect weather for getting under a blanket and snuggling up! Put sweatpants and get cozy! Don’t forget the cup of hot chocolate or coffee to make you feel better! Luckily it’s not monday today, so I have the reason be on my bed.

It’s been a week since we arrived from our short vacation. I miss hongkong! I want to go back since haven’t tried some of there local food cause what we do everyday is to strolled around the city. However I was able to tried the egg waffle and the mister softee ice cream and famous egg tarts which is so delicious! You must try it when you visit Hong Kong. I told you that I will post my travel diaries in Macau and Hong Kong and I will.


Reading Slammed. I just finished reading it . It’s my second book for this year.

Writing my second sunday currently

Listening Sometimes by Briney Spears on my spotify

Thinking if I will buy the Point to Retreat (Slammed#2) or I will just download it.

Smelling the white corn soup which my mother is cooking now.

Wishing to have a great month of October. Good Vibes!

Hoping that someone will give me a box of donuts. I’m craving!

Wearing black sweatpants and a neon green t-shirt w/ anchor print on it.

Loving the gloomy weather.

Wanting a new job (lol)

Needing a good sleep tonight. I’ve been staying up late this past days and my eye bags are puffed.

Feeling Lazy.

Clicking my spotify..looking for some good playlist.

Have a great weekend! Ciao! 😘

join siddathornton on her sunday currently!


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