LIFEHOUSE Live in Manila

“Even though I don’t know what this day will bring, I’m going to hold my head high, think positive and expect the best”

That’s my morning mantra last thursday and I can say it works. I’m so thankful to be able attend the Lifehouse concert. It was a blast! Actually I didn’t expect it to happened. I was in the house that afternoon doing my daily routine. That time I was checking my all social accounts, I know that they are going to perform here for their Out of the Wasteland tour since I heard all those promotions in radio, TV and in twitter. I want to come and watch however I’ll be alone if I do that, my sister is not a fan of english music she knows some but not too much cause she prefer kpop or jpop music and beside I don’t have a ticket. So what I did was just listened to their songs in spotify for me to atleast feel ilke I made it to their concert. Then, around 4:45 in the afternoon my sister called asking if I’m using my spotify account, I said yes. She told me that she is using it also reason why her music always stop. So I told her that I was listening to lifehouse songs and mention that they will have their concert here at the MOA Arena. After awhile, she called me again telling me if I want to go to lifehouse concert cause she and her officemate will go to the to watch and they have a VIP ticket since one of her officemate’s sister is one of the organizer of the event and that ticket is for free! She told me that she will give me her VIP ticket and she will get the general admission ticket cause she only know 2 songs of the band. It’s unfair I know so I told her to get the VIP ticket for us to watch together. Of course I didn’t waste opportunity to watch them live. Exactly 2 and a half hour before the concert will begin (8pm was the start), I change and prepare quickly as I can.


Exactly 8pm I was not yet in the Mall of Asia Arena. I was rushing going to the venue with the thought that I was already late. Luckily the concert didn’t start 8pm sharp. Yes I made it! My sister was able also to get an extra VIP ticket  for free. Upon entering the arena I look around and woah there’s a lot a people who come to watch lifehouse live! Our seat was about 6 feet away from the stage(that close).  Around 8:30pm the lights start to dim, a sign that the concert was a about to begin. Lifehouse was on the stage and the crowd was starting to scream. All of us was excited! The crowd stand up and one by one they get their camera and phone to take a picture to the lifehouse members.  “Hurricane” was their starting song followed by the All In and Between the Raindrops. The crowd was singing along with the band. I love the part when they sing the You and Me. I really like this song. People is singing along with Jason and some open their phone flashlight and wave it. It’s beautiful! Those flashlights are like stars on the night sky. Bryce was very energetic. He is the one who talk to the crowd like how are we, if we are enjoying the concert, and he even get a camera to take a photo of the fans. Some songs that they sang was Everything, All In, Halfway gone, Hurricane, Whatever it Takes, Broken and Sick Cycle Carousel. The last song that they sang was Hanging by a Moment and believe me this is the best part of the concert. Jason and Bryce is throwing 10  picks of guitar to the fans. Unluckily I wasn’t able to get one (*teary eye*). Fans is screaming out loud when we all hear the intro of the song. Are long wait for this song is worth it. We all singing out load together and jumping. No one is sitting anymore all of the people are standing and moving their body to the beat of the music (Party! Party!). The best concert I’ve been! After the song we are all like been hypnotize and just like the song was we left hanging by the moment! Lifehouse will going back to manila and they promise it. I’ll watch them again once it happen and I’ll make sure that I can get those pick! (I’m a guitar lover but I can only play bass guitar).

I’m so thankful to experience this kind of wonderful event in my life. One of the best memories that I’ll treasure. If your wondering what are my favorite songs of Life house? It’s You and Me. Whatever it takes, Hanging by a Moment and Broken.

12079521_10205540417604999_5047697722675205871_n 12088209_10205540416404969_1658047678650133294_n 12096175_10205540418365018_2459063416918579163_n

Note: We are near the stage, our phone camera make it looks far.


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