The Sunday Currently | 03

FB_IMG_1446389064489Happy Halloween guys! It’s All Saints Day today and it’s the first day of the month of November. There some kids who came to our house for trick or treat. Of course our candies are ready for them. And can you believe that 53 days to go before Christmas. Wow time flies so fast! I can feel already the cold air every night, christmas decors and lights are everywhere and also you can hear now the christmas carols on the radio, tv or even in the mall which makes me feel happy.


Reading Camille Co fashion blog. She’s my favorite blogger. I love her sense of fashion. She’s so classy and gorgeous.

Writing my 3rd sunday currently. I miss writing.

Listening Stars by Callalily,  I’m fan since I was high school. I miss being a student.

Thinking what do I really want. I have a lot of “what if…?”

Smelling coffee. I want to have a cup of coffee right now but I might have a hard time to sleep if I do that.

Wishing for peace of mind. I’m tired of thinking things over and over again. I wish I pass that interview.

Hoping for a great and productive month of November. I want to be busy instead of being lazy. ( I’m bored!!! )

Wearing short and sando and I’m ready to sleep.

Loving those inspirational qoutes on my feeds. It make me feel better

Wanting to buy a new shoes and book, however I’m on “tipid mode” I need to fight this urge 😦

Needing someone to talk to. I miss my cousin, she go to perth last week. They are migrating.

Feeling sad, confuse, unsure… mixed emotions.  I hate this feeling!

A lot of things happen to me recently and I don’t know how to deal with this but still I need to be positive.  Everything will be fine maybe not tonight but eventually.

Good night! Have a great month and best weekend ahead! Ciao! πŸ˜˜

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