Sunday Currently | 04

Happy holidays! 11 days to go before Christmas! And we only have 3 weeks before we say good bye to 2015 and welcome 2016! Wooohhh! Have you already buy all your christmas list? Me, not yet . I’m so lazy to go out. Why? Cause there’s a lot of people now on the road and malls rushing to buy gifts and grocery. But I’ll try this week.

I really love December because it’s a holiday season. Which means there’s a lot of party, gifts and food. However on the other side I hate December couz’ it is also the month that your diet will ruined. (sad realization) 😢


Reading fashion blogs. I’m getting some idea for a cute red outfit this coming christmas.

Writing my sunday currently #4

Listening Snowflake by the Jason Chen.

Thinking about my goals this coming 2016.

Smelling the hawaiian pizza that I’m eating right now. Yummy!

Wishing that the hotel that I applied will call me. Pleeeaassseee!!!

Hoping for a great and productive week ahead. Good vibes!

Wearing yellow short and sando (terno).

Loving the feeling of christmas. Ready for the gifts 😁”

Wanting to buy a new shoes, dress and book. Maybe I’ll go to the mall this week. Hope that laziness won’t strike me *crossfinger*

Needing some self pampering!

Feeling full and sleepy. I just finished the pizza. *burp! Excuse me*

Yes, today is Monday however i just want to write a Sunday currently on a Monday, so just think it’s my Monday version of Sunday currently. I know a lot of you will be busy in preparing for this holiday enjoy yourself and have fun!

Have a great and best week ahead! Ciao! 😘

join siddathornton on her sunday currently!


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