Sunday Currently | 05

Hey it’s been a while. A lot of things happened. Summer is already over! I enjoyed my 2017 summer. Everyweek I had an out of town trip, 4 beach outing with my family and friends, watched concert and some road trips. (So productive right? haha take note I sacrificed my sleep just to go and have fun).

Last week, me and my friends had a staycation. “Walwalan night” we called it, not only because we have this drinking session until dawn but also it’s our time to have fun and loosen up the stress from our busy life. Time to bond.  I really had a great time even though it’s just an overnight. We laughed like there’s no tomorrow. Fought like a child. Play until we get tired. We’re like family. I’m thankful and blessed to have them. SOLID!


Reading  Office Gchat

Writing my sunday currently #5

Listening Leave by Jojo (under my Moody playlist in spotify)

Thinking about future things

Smelling the rain

Wishing that all of my doubts will vanish

Hoping for a good night

Wearing pajamas

Loving the friends that I have right now ❤️

Wanting some city escape

Needing some sleep.

Feeling mixed emotions. Still I’m blessed.

Need to sleep as its already 3:00 AM. My mom is in Japan for some business meetings, so I need to wake up early to do some household chores.

3AM thoughts: It will not be an easy fight but I’ll try my best to win. Just believe to yourself Lian!

Have a great and best week ahead! Ciao! 😘

join siddathornton on her sunday currently!


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