Never thought any of this. Never imagined all of this. We’re stranger. Completely strangers.

Suddenly everything changed.

No one told me I was going to find you. Unexpectedly, what you did to my heart. Like magic, my heart trembles. I’ve never felt this way before. All of the sudden I miss you. It’s not that I planned to. Why did you come now?

I feel your heart. From 1-10, I’m curious about everything. Without knowing my heart only points to you. You caught me so off guard. I fell in love so unexpectedly.

The sound of your voice, the smell of your perfume, the look in your eyes, the touch of your hands, the words that you say. Everything was new, heart beats faster for all the little things you’ve done. I take the risk just to find out the answer to this puzzle that you left in my mind.

Day by day, I learn something about you. Day by day my feelings get stronger for you. How it started? I don’t know I just feel it. Sweet serendipity? maybe. Do I love you? YES! I will lie if I tell you that I don’t feel fear about this feeling, but it’s fine. I told myself I won’t regret my decision that day. You don’t know how happy I am to be part of your life. I know it’s complicated, but what more important is we love each other.

They don’t know how special you are, They don’t know what you’ve done to my heart
They can say anything they want cause they don’t know us

Jealousy and small arguments, that’s not a problem. Even if the start is awkward and clumsy. I’ll take the risk and be stronger.

I won’t easily let go of you. I trust you. I believe in every word that you said. I love you.

The one I was searching for
Was right here all along
Now I see
I see you standing right in front of me.


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