LIFEHOUSE Live in Manila

“Even though I don’t know what this day will bring, I’m going to hold my head high, think positive and expect the best”

That’s my morning mantra last thursday and I can say it works. I’m so thankful to be able attend the Lifehouse concert. It was a blast! Actually I didn’t expect it to happened. I was in the house that afternoon doing my daily routine. That time I was checking my all social accounts, I know that they are going to perform here for their Out of the Wasteland tour since I heard all those promotions in radio, TV and in twitter. I want to come and watch however I’ll be alone if I do that, my sister is not a fan of english music she knows some but not too much cause she prefer kpop or jpop music and beside I don’t have a ticket. So what I did was just listened to their songs in spotify for me to atleast feel ilke I made it to their concert. Then, around 4:45 in the afternoon my sister called asking if I’m using my spotify account, I said yes. She told me that she is using it also reason why her music always stop. So I told her that I was listening to lifehouse songs and mention that they will have their concert here at the MOA Arena. After awhile, she called me again telling me if I want to go to lifehouse concert cause she and her officemate will go to the to watch and they have a VIP ticket since one of her officemate’s sister is one of the organizer of the event and that ticket is for free! She told me that she will give me her VIP ticket and she will get the general admission ticket cause she only know 2 songs of the band. It’s unfair I know so I told her to get the VIP ticket for us to watch together. Of course I didn’t waste opportunity to watch them live. Exactly 2 and a half hour before the concert will begin (8pm was the start), I change and prepare quickly as I can.

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The Sunday Currently | 02


Gloomy sunday. It’s raining outside the whole day and I love this kind of weather. Cuddling weather’s is pretty great! It’s a perfect weather for getting under a blanket and snuggling up! Put sweatpants and get cozy! Don’t forget the cup of hot chocolate or coffee to make you feel better! Luckily it’s not monday today, so I have the reason be on my bed.

It’s been a week since we arrived from our short vacation. I miss hongkong! I want to go back since haven’t tried some of there local food cause what we do everyday is to strolled around the city. However I was able to tried the egg waffle and the mister softee ice cream and famous egg tarts which is so delicious! You must try it when you visit Hong Kong. I told you that I will post my travel diaries in Macau and Hong Kong and I will.


Reading Slammed. I just finished reading it . It’s my second book for this year.

Writing my second sunday currently

Listening Sometimes by Briney Spears on my spotify

Thinking if I will buy the Point to Retreat (Slammed#2) or I will just download it.

Smelling the white corn soup which my mother is cooking now.

Wishing to have a great month of October. Good Vibes!

Hoping that someone will give me a box of donuts. I’m craving!

Wearing black sweatpants and a neon green t-shirt w/ anchor print on it.

Loving the gloomy weather.

Wanting a new job (lol)

Needing a good sleep tonight. I’ve been staying up late this past days and my eye bags are puffed.

Feeling Lazy.

Clicking my spotify..looking for some good playlist.

Have a great weekend! Ciao! 😘

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Tell me something about yourself that no one else knows

“Confessions” Have you tried this? Me? yes, way back in high school. It was our retreat, we are given a piece of paper to write the things that we want to say to a person, friend or to anyone. I know to myself that I’m not use in this kind of things. As much as possible I tried to keep those things or confession to myself, I’m afraid to see their reactions or what they will say. However, that time I told myself that this will be the last time I will see this people “my friends” after our graduation it’s over. We will have our own new world to face and I will miss this chance If I don’t tell what are my thoughts. So I write all the my thoughts I say sorry for the things that I’ve done wrong and thank you for all that they done to me. And it feels good and light even though I cried like a baby that day.

I just finished reading Confess by Colleen Hoover and I really love the book. I can see myself to the characters attitude. The part where It’s much easy say a thoughts thru writing it on piece of paper than saying it. (sabi nga nila “If you can’t say it then write it or sing it). Now I understand why do people love her books. She can make you feel and believe that fate, destiny, love, hope, faith etc. do really exist. Which is really amazing. Since I was inspired by the book I’ll tell you a one confession so read this to know. 

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The Sunday Currently | 01

My sunday was almost done, 45 minutes before midnight, before monday again. I had a great day. I had lunch with my friends at the seafood Island. I miss them so much! Of course hindi mawawala ang kwentuhan , jokes, asaran when we had this kind of moment even though it’s just for a 2 hours lunch atleast were had a chance to see each other again  on our “busy schedule” we miss this, although were not complete. Too bad I haven’t get a chance to take some pictures but  my freinds has so I’ll just ask for some permission haha. We decided to go Enchanted Kingdom (It’s a theme park in Laguna) on october for our next bonding with all the trops so I’m excited! #friendshipGoals After the lunch,  me and my sister go some shopping. And now I’m so tired. My bed is calling me (yawn).
reading confess by collen hover and I’m at page 3 haha
writing sunday currently
listening a thousand years by Christina Perri on my spotify
thinking what are the clothes that I will bring on my trip. Still can’t decide!
smelling the cold air from my window
wishing for a great and happy week 
hoping for a best and safe trip
wearing a pink short and a peach typical pambahay and I’m ready to bed
loving my music in my playlist
wanting a new shoes and a new job
needing  a sleep
feeling happy and inspired :*
clicking my crush twitter feeds ahaha
Good night and sweet dreams :*

Sudden Trip

I was all set for my schedule for this week. Last Monday I go to the my previous work hoping to get my certificate of employment and my last pay cheque. I was there around 12:30 in the afternoon so its lunch time. I don’t have a choice but to wait for the HR to be back from break. So I wait, wait and wait. After almost 3 hours of waiting he came. We just talk for only 3 minutes. Seriously? 3 minutes of talking equals 3 Hours of waiting. Unfortunately I didn’t get what I need, he told me to back on Friday, I was like Friday O.o ?? (I have no choice but to be back on friday) Good thing, I was able to see again my friends there. I miss them so much especially the chikahan. Tuesday, I go to see my doctor for gastro as I already experiencing burp with acid liquid. I really don’t know what is the problem of my stomach now. He suggested to me that I need to undergo endoscopy for him to check what is the real problem inside. Wednesday I was just in the house with my laptop just like today.

My mom told me that on saturday we will go to Tarlac for the debut my cousin (SATURDAY??!! NO! First date ng #AlDub yun di pwede! T.T) We will leave before 2pm on saturday then by sunday morning we will go back. Hassle cause by sunday me and my friends will go for a lunch date. Wala na gulo na plan ko! I can’t miss the first date of aldub makikiisa pa ko sa twitter for 10 million tweets goal.

I was thinking not to go but I want also to leave this busy city. I don’t know. How I wish decision making was that easy. Anyhow I need to sleep it’s already midnight. I told myself that no more puyat nights. hope to have a good day a head *finger cross* Goodnight Ciao! :*


“Happiest Place on Earth”


Disneyland!!! I’ll be lying if i said I’m not excited to go in the happiest place on earth. Who doesn’t love Disneyland? It’s a place that every person love and enjoy, where there’s no age limit required to enter and have some fun. Yes finally 2 weeks from now, I will be able to see those castles, parades, mascots, rides and also have a food trip (haha). That will be a 4 nights and 5 days vacation (yehey!)

My mother and her office mates decided to have a Macau-HK tour for this year. This will be my 2nd international tour with them, my first was in Kuala Lumpur last year. However this will be different, since this will be the first time that the whole family will be travelling for international together with my mom’s friends . We used to travel as a whole family but only for domestic or out-of-town.

This is my first time to travel in Macau and Hong Kong and I’m excited!  A new experience and memories to treasure. So get ready those camera to capture all moments but before that I need to buy a new battery first (lol). I will try to share also my travel experience here in my blog once I come back as I’ll enjoy first my short vacation. Till next time. Ciao!

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First Entry

Actually I don’t know what to post, this will be my first writings for this blog. Let me tell you about my self first, I’m Liana Grace Medina (it’s my middle name). I prefer “Lian” or “Liana”.  A BS Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate. To tell you the truth this isn’t my first blog, I had almost 3-4 “unofficial” blog before. Why “unofficial”? maybe because I just made them for a reason of “fangirling” but I haven’t use them or let say they are blank space. Yes! I’m a fan girl  and I’m proud of it!

Set aside the fangirling thing first. I made a blog not because I want to be famous blogger or be a popular on a certain things, I made this for 1 reason which is to express whats on my mind. I’m used in writing a journal. I have my little diary since I was in high school. Tell you frankly when I read it I feel shy (hindi ko alam kung san galing lahat ng mga pinagsinulat ko dun haha).

I don’t how but this going to be my official blog. That’s all for now I guess. I will update you on what are the happenings in my life lately, its kinda boring (ha ha ha) believe me its not that colorful a monochrome type I guess is fine word to describe it, however of course I will put some color to it!

My day was not so good not so bad also just fine. Bye for now. Ciao!

Note: sorry for my site it’s still under construction.